About PCR testing and test results

Do I need to book an appointment?

As a user of, you do not need to book an appointment for PCR testing. Just show up at a mobile or fixed test centre, stand in line and present your unique ‘Foreigner ID’ code found under your profile on

Testing of children

If your child needs documentation of their test result, create a user account for your child on with a different email address from your account. This means your child will have a unique ‘Foreigner ID’ code to present at the test.

Test results

You will normally be able to see your test result within 2 days of the test being done. You will often be able to see your test result the following day. In some cases, it may take up to 3 days to receive the test result.

Test centres

You can find COVID-19 test centres here.
The description for the test centre will state if it offers PCR testing for foreign workers and tourists. Look for ‘Are tests available for foreigners?’

When you arrive for the test

You must show the barcode from to the staff before your test. You can find the barcode under your user profile. You can bring a printout of the barcode, or you can log in to from your mobile phone at the test centre.

Download or print certificate

It is possible to download or print the certificates below:

  1. Certificate with test result

  2. Certificate without test result

  3. Immunity/Recovery Certificate

What if I do not need to see test results, download or print certificates?

If you do not need to see test results, download or print certificates, you do not need to create a user account on You can show up at a test centre without an appointment, join the line and be tested. If the test result is positive, the infected person will be telephoned directly by the Danish Patient Safety Authority’s Infection Tracing Unit. Tourists will not be contacted if their test result is negative.